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by H. Sipman
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Species of Pleurosticta in the Aegean:



Pleurosticta acetabulum (Neck.) Elix & Lumbsch - TLC: norstictic, connorstictic acids.
[Pleurosticta acetabulum] [Pleurosticta acetabulum]
(Sipman 54467); picture length = 7 mm; click for enlargement. Thasos (Sipman & Raus 58788); click for enlargement.
[Pleurosticta acetabulum]
Samothraki (Sipman & Raus 59360); click for enlargement.

Pleurosticta koflerae (Clauzade & Poelt) Elix & Lumbsch - TLC: tr. norstictic, salazinic acids.
[Pleurosticta koflerae]
Thasos (Sipman & Raus 58721); click for enlargement.
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