International Code of Botanical Nomenclature

(Tokyo Code), Electronic version



Article H.7

H.7.1. The name of a nothotaxon which is a hybrid between subdivisions of a genus is a combination of an epithet, which is a condensed formula formed in the same way as a nothogeneric name (Art. H.6.2), with the name of the genus.

Ex. 1. Ptilostemon nothosect. Platon Greuter (in Boissiera 22: 159. 1973), comprising hybrids between Ptilostemon sect. Platyrhaphium Greuter and Ptilostemon Cass. sect. Ptilostemon; Ptilostemon nothosect. Plinia Greuter (in Boissiera 22: 158. 1973), comprising hybrids between Ptilostemon sect. Platy-rhaphium and P. sect. Cassinia Greuter.

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