International Code of Botanical Nomenclature

(Tokyo Code), Electronic version



Article 37

37.1. Publication on or after 1 January 1958 of the name of a new taxon of the rank of genus or below is valid only when the type of the name is indicated (see Art. 7, 8, 9, 10; but see Art. H.9 Note 1 for the names of certain hybrids).

37.2. For the name of a new genus or subdivision of a genus, reference (direct or indirect) to one species name only, or the citation of the holotype or lectotype of one previously or simultaneously published species name only, constitutes indication of the type (Art. 10 Note 1; see also Art. 22.5; but see Art. 37.4).

37.3. For the name of a new species or infraspecific taxon, citation of a single element is acceptable as indication of the holotype (but see Art. 37.4). Mere citation of a locality without concrete reference to a specimen does not however constitute indication of a holotype. Citation of the collector's name and/or collecting number and/or date of collection and/or reference to any other detail of the type specimen or illustration is required.

37.4. For the name of a new taxon of the rank of genus or below published on or after 1 January 1990, indication of the type must include one of the words "typus" or "holotypus", or its abbreviation, or its equivalent in a modern language.

37.5. For the name of a new species or infraspecific taxon published on or after 1 January 1990 whose type is a specimen or unpublished illustration, the herbarium or institution in which the type is conserved must be specified.

Note 1. Specification of the herbarium or institution may be made in an abbreviated form, e.g. as given in Index herbariorum, part I (Regnum Veg. 120).

Recommendation 37A

37A.1. The indication of the nomenclatural type should immediately follow the description or diagnosis and should use the Latin word "typus" or "holotypus".

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