International Code of Botanical Nomenclature

(Saint Louis Code), Electronic version



Article H.4

H.4.1. When all the parent taxa can be postulated or are known, a nothotaxon is circumscribed so as to include all individuals (as far as they can be recognized) derived from the crossing of representatives of the stated parent taxa (i.e. not only the Fl but subsequent filial generations and also back-crosses and combinations of these). There can thus be only one correct name corresponding to a particular hybrid formula; this is the earliest legitimate name (see Art. 6.3) in the appropriate rank (Art. H.5), and other names to which the same hybrid formula applies are synonyms of it.

Ex. 1. The names Oenothera wienii Renner ex Rostanski (1977) and O. drawertii Renner ex Rostanski (1966) are both considered to apply to the hybrid O. biennis L. O. villosa Thunb. subsp. villosa; the types of the two nothospecific names are known to differ by a whole gene complex; nevertheless, the later name is treated as a synonym of the earlier.

Note 1. Variation within nothospecies and nothotaxa of lower rank may be treated according to Art. H.12 or, if appropriate, according to the International code of nomenclature for cultivated plants.

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