International Code of Botanical Nomenclature

(Saint Louis Code), Electronic version


Article 56

56.1. Any name that would cause a disadvantageous nomenclatural change (Art. 14.1) may be proposed for rejection. A name thus rejected, or its basionym if it has one, is placed on a list of nomina utique rejicienda (App. IV). Along with the listed names, all combinations based on them are similarly rejected, and none is to be used.

56.2. The list of rejected names will remain permanently open for additions and changes. Any proposal for rejection of a name must be accompanied by a detailed statement of the cases both for and against its rejection, including considerations of typification. Such proposals must be submitted to the General Committee (see Div. III), which will refer them for examination to the committees for the various taxonomic groups (see also Art. 14.14 and Rec. 14A).

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