International Code of Botanical Nomenclature

(Saint Louis Code), Electronic version


Article 55

55.1. A name of a species or subdivision of a genus may be legitimate even if its epithet was originally placed under an illegitimate generic name (see also Art. 22.5).

Ex. 1. Agathophyllum Juss. (1789) is an illegitimate name, being a superfluous substitute for Ravensara Sonn. (1782). Nevertheless the name A. neesianum Blume (1851) is legitimate. Because Meisner (1864) cited A. neesianum as a synonym of his new Mespilodaphne mauritiana but did not adopt the epithet neesiana, M. mauritiana Meisn. is a superfluous name and hence illegitimate.

55.2. An infraspecific name may be legitimate even if its final epithet was originally placed under an illegitimate specific name (see also Art. 27.2).

55.3. The names of species and of subdivisions of genera assigned to genera the names of which are conserved or sanctioned later homonyms, and which had earlier been assigned to the genera under the rejected homonyms, are legitimate under the conserved or sanctioned names without change of authorship or date if there is no other obstacle under the rules.

Ex. 2. Alpinia languas J. F. Gmel. (1791) and Alpinia galanga (L.) Willd. (1797) are to be accepted although Alpinia L. (1753), to which they were assigned by their authors, is rejected and the genus in which they are now placed is named Alpinia Roxb. (1810), nom. cons.

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