Wolf-Henning Kusber

+49 30 838 50177
+49 30 838-4 50177
Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem
Freie Universität Berlin
Königin-Luise-Straße 6-8

Since July 2019 Data curator (Research Group Diatoms)


AnnoSys - A generic annotation system for biodiversity data
Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure; Open Up! coordination team
AlgaTerra information system
2010 - April 2014 GBIF-D: Plants, Algae and Protists
Research interests 
  • Biodiversity informatics, particularly data processing and data evaluation
  • Extend the amount and increase the quality and availability of networked data resources
  • Intercalibration of taxonomic concepts in micro algae
  • Nomenclature of algae
  • Taxonomy of algae especially phytoflagellates, desmids and diatoms
  • Red Lists of  freshwater algae
  • Algal flora of Berlin (Germany)
  • Charophytes of Berlin-Brandenburg (Germany)
  • Changes in the biodiversity of freshwater micro algae
Research projects 
  • Typification of  Ehrenberg's taxa (Project AlgaTerra)
  • Data evaluation (Project AlgaTerra, SYNTHESYS)
  • German Red List of  Desmids (in cooperation with Antje Gutowski)
  • Types of African Surirellaceae (Andrew-Mellon-Foundation)
  • Red List of Algae in Berlin (in cooperation with Regine Jahn and Ursula Geissler)
  • Medium-term changes in the biodiversity of micro algae in Berlin waters: a comparison of old and new data (in cooperation with Regine Jahn and Ursula Geissler).
Mandates in scientific advisory boards and committees 
Member, Editorial Committee, International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (since 2017)
Member, Nomenclature Committee for Algae (since 2017)
Member, Editorial Board, Notulae Algarum (since 2019)
Memberships in scientific societies 
International Association for Plant Taxonomy
International Society for Diatom Research
Gesellschaft für Biologische Systematik
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Limnologie
Botanischer Verein Berlin-Brandenburg
Central-European Diatomists / Deutschsprachige Diatomologen