Willdenowia 27 (1/2) - contents

Contents Willdenowia 27 (1/2) (issued 17 November 1997) Abstracts

Greuter, W. & Vogt, R.: Bericht über den Botanischen Garten und das Botanische Museum Berlin-Dahlem (BGBM) für das Jahr 1996 ..... 5 Full-text article

Matzke-Hajek, G.: Revision der von A. Ade, Th. Braeucker, G. Braun, G. Kükenthal und A. Schumacher aus dem Rheinland beschriebenen Brombeeren (Rubus L., Rosaceae) ..... 23 Abstract, Full-text article

Boscaiu, M., Marhold, K. & Ehrendorfer, F.: Typification of several names of the Cerastium alpinum group (Caryophyllaceae) ..... 39 Abstract, Full-text article

Acedo, C. & Llamas, F.: Two new brome-grasses (Bromus, Poaceae) from the Iberian Peninsula ..... 47 Abstract, Full text article

Ortúnez, E. & Fuente, V. de la: On three species of Festuca L. (Poaceae) from the Central Mountain System, Spain ..... 57 Abstract, Full-text article

Brullo, S., Scelsi, F. & Spampinato, G.: An interesting new species of Alchemilla (Rosaceae) from S Italy ..... 69 Abstract, Full-text article

Conti, F.: Minuartia glomerata subsp. trichocalycina comb. & stat. nov. (Caryophyllaceae), a Central Apennine endemic ..... 73 Abstract, Full-text article

Hanlidou, E. & Kokkini, S.: On the flora of the Vikos-Aoos National Park (NW Greece) ..... 81 Abstract, Full-text article

Chochliouros, S. & Georgiadis, Th.: Additions to the flora of Mount Vermion (N Central Greece) ..... 101 Abstract, Full-text article

Karousou, R. & Kokkini, S.: Distribution and clinal variation of Salvia fruticosa Mill. (Labiatae) on the island of Crete (Greece) ..... 113 Abstract, Full-text article

Constantinidis, Th., Kamari, G. & Phitos, D.: A cytological study of 28 phanerogams from the mountains of SE Sterea Ellas, Greece ..... 121 Abstract, Full-text article p. 121-128, p. 129-135, p. 136-142

Banares Baudet, Á. & León, M. C.: The identity of Aeonium ciliatum (Willd.) Webb & Berth. (Crassulaceae) ..... 143 Abstract, Full-text article

Ittenbach, S. & Lobin, W.: Notes on the genus Amorphophallus (Araceae) - 6. Six new species and two new subspecies from Africa ..... 147 Abstract, Full-text article

Danin, A.: Contributions to the flora of Jordan: new and interesting plants from Dana Nature Reserve, SW Jordan ..... 161 Abstract, Full-text article

Danin, A. & Scholz, H.: On the occurrence of two taxa of the Setaria verticillata complex in Israel and the Sinai ..... 177 Abstract, Full-text article

Duman, H. & Ekim, T.: Astragalus serpentinicola (A. sect. Sisyrophorus, Leguminosae), a new species from SW Turkey ..... 181 Abstract, Full-text article

Freitag, H. & Özhatay, E.: A new subspecies of Salsola canescens (Chenopodiaceae) from SW Anatolia, Turkey ..... 185 Abstract, Full-text article

Hayirlioglu-Ayaz, S. & Beyazoglu, O.: New chromosome numbers in Alchemilla L. (Rosaceae) from Turkey ..... 191 Abstract, Full-text article

Soreng, R. J., Hein, P. & Scholz, H.: Poa akmanii (Poaceae), a new species from Turkey ..... 195 Abstract, Full-text article

Agapova, N.: Ornithogalum gabrielianae (Hyacinthaceae), a new endemic species from Armenia ..... 199 Abstract, Full text article

Hunger, S.: A survey of the genus Pluchea (Compositae, Plucheeae) in Australia ..... 207 Abstract, Full-text article

Hiepko, P.: A new name and a new combinatión in the neotropical genus Agonandra (Opiliaceae) ..... 225 Abstract, Full-text article

Parra, L. R. & Giulietti, A. M.: Nomenclatural and taxonomic changes in Brazilian Syngonanthus (Eriocaulaceae) ..... 227 Abstract, Full-text article

Anton, A. M. & Negritto, M. A.: On the names of the Andean species of Poa L. (Poaceae) described by Pilger ..... 235 Abstract, Full-text article

Kürschner, H. & Parolly, G.: Additions to the bryophyte flora of the Durmitor National Park (Crna Gora) and a first conspectus of all records ..... 249 Abstract, Full text article

Christensen, S. N., Pisút, I. & Sipman, H. J. M.: New and noteworthy lichen records from the Ionian island of Kerkira (Corfu), Greece ..... 265 Abstract, Full-text article

Sipman, H. J. M.: Lichenotheca Latinoamericana a museo botanico berolinensi edita, fasciculum tertium ..... 273 Abstract, Full-text article

Bañares Baudet, Á.: Typification of five names of endemic Canarian Aichryson species (Crassulaceae) described by C. Bolle ..... 281 Abstract, Full-text article

Zepernick, B.: Friedrich Karl Timler (1914-1995) ..... 285 Full-text article

Buchbesprechungen ..... 289

Reviewers of manuscripts submitted for publication during 1996 ..... 309