Willdenowia 28 (1/2) - contents

Contents Willdenowia 28 (1/2) (issued 4 December 1998) Abstracts

Greuter, W. & Vogt, R.: Bericht Über den Botanischen Garten und das Botanische Museum Berlin-Dahlem (BGBM) für das Jahr 1997.....5 Full-text article

Prosser, F. & Scortegagna, S.: Primula recubariensis, a new species of Primula sect. Auricula Duby endemic to the SE Prealps, Italy.....27 Abstract, Full-text article

Conti, F.: Contributions to the knowledge of Jurinea mollis s.l. (Compositae). 1. Jurinea mollis subsp. moschata, a synonym of J. mollis subsp. mollis.....47 AbstractFull-text article

Brullo, S., Campo, G., Marcenò, C., Romano, S. & Siracusa, G.: Crassula campestris (Eckl. & Zeyh.) Endl. (Crassulaceae), a new record for the Italian flora.....53 AbstractFull-text article

Martini, F. & Scholz, H.: Eragrostis virescens J. Presl (Poaceae), a new alien species for the Italian flora.....59 Abstract, Full-text article

Hartvig, P.: Campanula pangea, a new species of C. sect. Involucratae from Mt Pangeon, NE Greece.....65 Abstract, Full-text article

Salmeri, C.: Allium brulloi (Alliaceae), a new species from Astypalea (Aegean Islands, Greece).....69 Abstract, Full-text article

Yannitsaros, A.: Additions to the flora of Kithira (Greece) I......77 Abstract, Full-text article

Panitsa, M. & Tzanoudakis, D.: Contribution to the study of the Greek flora: Flora and vegetation of the E Aegean islands Agathonisi and Pharmakonisi.....95 Abstract, Full-text article

Kiffe, K. & Lewejohann, K.: Ein Neufund von Carex oedipostyla Duval-Jouve (Cyperaceae) auf Teneriffa, Kanarische Inseln.....117 Abstract, Full-text article

Abd El-Ghani, M. M. & Fahmy, A. G.: Composition of and changes in the spontaneous flora of Feiran Oasis, S Sinai, Egypt, in the last 60 years.....123 Abstract, Full-text article

Danin, A. & Hedge, I. C.: Contributions to the flora of Jordan 2. A new species of Satureja (Labiatae) and some new records.....135 Abstract, Full-text article

Scholz, H.: Notes on Bromus danthoniae and relatives (Gramineae).....143 AbstractFull-text article

Erik, S. & Demirkus, N.: New species from NE Turkey: Chaerophyllum posofianum (Apiaceae) and Vicia erzurumica (Fabaceae).....151 Abstract, Full-text article

Wagenitz, G., Ertugrul, K. & Dural, H.: A new species of Centaurea sect. Psephelloideae (Compositae) from SW Turkey.....157 Abstract, Full-text article

Greuter, W. & Raus, Th.: Med-Checklist Notulae, 17.....163 Abstract, Full-text article

Eggli, U. & Leuenberger, B. E.: On colour forms of Opuntia weberi (Cactaceae) with notes on the typification of the name.....175 Abstract, Full-text article

Lücking, R. & Vezda, A.: Taxonomic studies in foliicolous species of the genus Porina (lichenized Ascomycotina: Trichotheliaceae) - II. The Porina epiphylla group.....181 AbstractFull-text article

Hahn, A. & Kusserow, H.: Spatial and temporal distribution of algae in soil crusts in the Sahel of W Africa: Preliminary results.....227 Abstract, Full-text article

Kusber, W.-H.: A study on Phacus smulkowskianus (Euglenophyceae) - a rarely reported taxon found in waters of the Botanic Garden Berlin-Dahlem.....239 Abstract, Full-text article

Arroyo-Leuenberger, S. & Leuenberger, B. E.: Type specimens of names in Misodendraceae at the Berlin-Dahlem herbarium (B).....249 Abstract, Full-text article

Vogt, R.: Das Hieracium-Herbar von Karl Touton.....253 Abstract, Full-text article

Lack, H. W. & Ohba, H.: Die Xylothek des Chikusai Kato.....263 Abstract, Full-text article, Full-text article: password access


Index of new names and combinations appearing in Willdenowia 28.....299

Reviewers of manuscripts submitted for publication during 1997.....300