International Working Group on Taxonomic Databases

TDWG Subgroup on Biological Collection Data

From 2001 on, the subgroup was replaced by the 

CODATA/TDWG Task Group on Access to Biological Collection Data (ABCD)

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Reference List of Standards, Information Models, and Data Dictionaries for Biological Collections

Software for biological collection management

TDWG homepage

"Historical" subgroup documents (sorted by reverse date)

Please note that hyperlinks and content in the following documents may be out of date.

TDWG 2000 in Frankfurt, Nov. 10-12, co-organized by Senckenberg and BGBM

Rules of procedure - Members and Observers - Liaison

Lists of references and software (June 14, 1998)

Convener's Report 3 (October 30, 1997)

Convener's Report 2 (October 5, 1996)

HISPID 3 (August 4, 1996)

Convener's Report 1 (June 23, 1996)

TDWG Accession Standard Subgroup, call for collaboration (May 15, 1996)

F. Pando and S. Peterson (1995): TDWG 10th Annual Meeting, Madrid

J. Beach (1991): Draft Data Entity List for a Botanical Specimen Data Dictionary. (HTML 3 file, also available as a MS-Winword document.)

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