TDWG Subgroup on Accession Data

Message to members, June 14, 1998

Dear Subgroup Members and Observers:

Over the past two years I have build a list of "Standards, Information Models, and Data Dictionaries

for Biological Collections" under our subgroup's heading. I am sure that I am not aware of everything which should be included here, please notify me if you are aware of shortcomings.

I have now started a new list, "Software for Biological Collection Management", because I am swamped with information requests for available software. Could you please help to add to this list and comment on the criteria I put up for inclusion? (Native English speaker support would also be appreciated.)

Both lists are available on the group's website, under

We have also set up a listserv for the group under

Please send only messages of general interest to this address, individual comments should be directed to me ( If you wish to cancel your membership in the group, please let me know.

Best wishes

Walter Berendsohn

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