Resource Identification for a Biological Collection Information Service in Europe

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BioCISE member organisation

The Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority (INNPPA) is an Israeli government corporation established in 1964, to preserve and develop nature reserves and natural assets, protect wild animals, safeguard the quality of the environment in open areas, maintain the aesthetic quality of Israel's landscape, and provide visitor services in the reserves. The Science and Management Division is a support department for scientific guidance of planning, management and development of nature reserves, collection of biological data, database and analytical resources, research programs, and conservation policy. The scientists of the INNPPA, together with their colleagues in Israel's universities and institutes, direct the INNPPA wardens in conservation efforts.

There are currently 373 nature reserves in Israel, with a total area of 57,500 hectares, approximately 16% of the land area of Israel. The country is divided into four districts, each with its team of wardens and biologists to supervise the reserves. The Central Office in Jerusalem houses the national administrative offices, including the Science and Management Division, which consists of 40 staff members including 10 Ph.D. level ecologists, specialists in various aspects of conservation, and technical support including database and GIS facilities.

The biological database presently consists of approximately 200,000 observations on organism and animal distribution, phenology, behavior, etc. This database is steadily accumulating more records on the basis of systematic and casual observations by INNPPA staff. The INNPPA also cooperates with university staff in data sharing for particular projects.

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