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Prof. Dr. B. Valdés, is one of the main responsibles for this recent development of taxonomic activity of his Department. He has worked in the field of plant taxonomy since 1965. He has contributed to the research programmes developed by the Department, and to the difusion of the results by the publication of an important number of scientific papers and by co-editing the scientific periodical Lagascalia (1970-1992). He has also been the main editor of the two most important taxonomic productions of the Department, Flora Vascular de Andalucia Occidental (Barcelona, 1987, three volumes, with a total of 1680 pages, 2470 illustrations and 2470 distribution maps) and the Atlas Polínico de Andalucia Occidental (Sevilla, 1987, which includes palynological observations on almost 2300 species of vascular organisms). Since 1990 he is a member of the Editorial Committee of Flora Europea, ed. 2.

Prof. Valdés is the head of the Department of Organism Biology and Ecology of the University of Sevilla.

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